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“I haven’t been around so many humans in a very long time”
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“But I am damned, not blessed. And I’m thirsty. I see my victim”
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“Her age does not truly matter to me – only the blood that runs through her veins and the entrance to her body designed to hold my cock are of interest to me.”
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“The hearts thump in my ears as people’s internal voices clamber around in my head, trying to drive me mad.”
“Her scent is overwhelming. The smell of her arousal and her blood, as well as her breath as it increases in pace, is absolutely intoxicating.”
Banner By Sabrina
“I have never learned to block the thoughts of others from my head, and I hate it.”
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“As inane as their chatter can be, it is never enough to be mind-numbing. That would be a blessing.”
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“She is perfect. Small and dark-haired, she runs her hand up and down one arm, trying to ward off the chill of the hallway back behind the dance floor.”
Banner By AmandaC3
“I am only Edward Cullen now – unmoved, unfeeling, and undead.”
Banner By Emily8009
“There has to be something better than this.“
. . . .
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Rec's and Other Stuff

From Rob Attack:
"It’s FanFiction Friday again and we’re into Horror Month here atRob Attack, so each week this month I will try to recommend at least one Horror/Supernatural/Vampward TwiFic. I even made a sexy Vampward banner…. *Damn he’s gorgeous!*
And, this leads me into my first rec for this week, it’s a brand new WIP by the one and only Savage7289, it’s called Tempt My Tongue. (Savage Fiction With Teeth)"

Read more from Rob Attack  Here!

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